It’s sexier that way

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During my first 4 years as a dating coach, I worked exclusively with men.

Women would often email and ask questions.

I’d always answer.

However, working one on one with women wasn’t something I ever advertised.

I felt it was better to narrow my niche and speak to only ONE…

The apocalypse has begun

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I recently wrote an article that received as much criticism as it did praise.

Some comments accused me of being sexist, upholding outdated gender stereotypes, and not doing my research.

When I added links to the largest research study ever conducted in response to a couple of readers’ objections, they…

Three easy ways to blow his mind in the bedroom and drive him wild!

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Warning: this article contains explicit adult language. Reader discretion is advised.

Perhaps you’ve been dating (or married) for a while.

Maybe you’ve just had a baby together and the sexual activity has taken a sharp decline.

At any rate…

You're horny.

You want sex.

And you want it NOW!


How much do you have?

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The Gym tests how much heart you have.

Embrace the day and destroy it before sunrise.

When you conquer the day before it begins, everything else you do will be easy.

Give your wife a kiss on the forehead, crawl out of bed, and head to your basement.



Why every child should have a strong man in the home

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25% of children live in fatherless homes.

That’s 1 in 4 for those of you who really suck at math.

To put it into greater perspective.

An estimated 19.5 million children lack the physical presence and guidance of a strong masculine role model in the house.

And that’s just in…

By following proven formulas that work

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I haven’t been tweeting much lately…


Yesterday I sent a tweet that pulled in 25 new followers and counting.

Inspire others, reach your goals, and make money while you do

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I’m embarrassed to say this:


I have a Dad Bod.

Since getting married and having kids my lifestyle has gotten much more sedentary.

Add freelancing and running online businesses for the better part of the last 10 years on top of that, and my physical fitness has taken a…

I guess I’ll just use it to make more money

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Today is the first day of school for my kids.

After a year of lockdowns, homeschooling, and way too much screentime, they’re back in the classroom with their friends.

And now I find myself in a very different routine.

My wife just started a new teaching job…

I’m in a…

And how to make more money with your side-hustle?

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The club wasn’t open yet.

I was upstairs in the VIP lounge, behind the bar, pouring myself an ice-cold Coke Zero.

The VIP lounge is where the dancers stretch and practice their moves on the weekdays.

It’s very rare for customers to drop the extra cash for a more exclusive…

And How You Can Replicate My Success

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I’m not an expert when it comes to succeeding on Medium.

In fact, I’ve only been on the platform for a few months and have posted just a handful of articles.

But in the short time I’ve been creating content on the site, I have quickly amassed 350+ followers, had…

Evan Kelly

Former Dating Coach turned freelance copywriter. I write about relationships, online marketing, and other stuff.

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